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PAWS club makes effort to support lives of peninsula pets

Published Oct. 3, 2023


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Monterey County and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue are helping out a new club at Carmel High School called Pets Are Worth Saving, or PAWS, by planning volunteering and fundraising events to support animals’ lives in the Carmel community.

The first planned event is a T-shirt drive to raise money to make toys for dogs. The club’s mission is to not only help pets without homes, but make those homes a welcoming and loving place. Another event the students are planning with these organizations is bringing pets on campus for students to play with. Students would pay a small entry fee to enjoy small animals, which club members hope will raise money to donate to shelters.

PAWS vice president Adalyn Clark enjoying time with her dog Husker. (photo by TORI CLARK)

Club adviser Bill Schrier wants to aid the club because of his own experience with rescuing his own dog, Lucy. Schrier expresses the importance of adopting and creating a forever home for animals who are all deserving of love. 

“I get what it’s like to rescue a pet,” the animal enthusiast remarks. “Every time I look at [my dog] I’m so happy we saved her. Although it can be a really hard process and a lot of adjusting, it is very worth it.” 

Schrier hopes by giving the club a place to meet and supporting them throughout the journey it will allow them to reach their full potential and help as many animals as possible. 

The club’s president, CHS sophomore Lizzie Descalzi, says she wanted to start the club after she rescued her newest dog, Meatball, a corgi and french bulldog mix, from the SPCA. 

“People looking to join the club should care about pets and want to work hard to raise money for a good cause,” Descalzi adds.  

Even though adoption work sparked the interest in starting PAWS, they also wanted to create an opportunity for students to get community service hours while doing something they care about in a hands-on setting. Hours can be earned by helping with events and club activities.

PAWS is already having a strong start with about 15 members to start the year. They hope more people will join in their mission in saving animal lives. 

“I joined the club because I love animals and would like to help in any way I can,” explains CHS freshman Hallie Crabbe, a member of PAWS. “This provides an opportunity for me to support animals who need help.” 

PAWS is hoping their initiative will make a big difference in little lives.

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