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Padre of the Month: Connor Marden

For the sixth year in a row, The Shoe stays in Carmel, and you can thank the quarterback for that. Marden had no interceptions and accounted for a total of five touchdowns on Nov. 15 in Breaker Stadium.
Marden finished up the regular season with 2,194 passing yards with 19 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He also accounted for 815 yards rushing, which was second on the team, and 13 touchdowns.

The junior ended the year with a 4-touchdown game against Scotts Valley and a 295-yard passing game, which also included 84 yards rushing, against Pacific Grove, in which he accounted for three touchdowns in the 77-53 blowout loss.

“That sucked, to be honest,” Marden says. “That was not the way I thought [the season] was going to end. It sucks because that was my last game with all of the seniors, and playing football for six months and having it end like that is just…depressing.”

Marden is looking forward to playing with the same guys next year, having new guys come up and playing on the new field. But the main goals as usual are to win as many games possible, take league and bring home the shoe.

Next year, with the departure of senior Thomas Spanos, look for junior William Kehoe, Marden’s go-to guy, to have more targets and an even better year than this one, in which he had 54 receptions, 10 touchdowns and 1,044 yards. The Marden-Kehoe tandem could really breakthrough.


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