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Orphans in China meet with Carmel’s gentle giant


Marcus Lo

During this past summer, 15-year-old Marcus Lo flew across the globe to care for orphans in China. The sophomore visited from July to August and wanted to acknowledge how others who were less fortunate felt, especially since he lives in a place like Carmel.

The 6-foot-4 sophomore feels that if people want to make a change they have to go out and make the change themselves. This influenced him to not only visit the orphans, but to connect with them as well.

“Don’t let the problem stay the problem,” Lo says. “Be the solution.”

Lo’s outgoing personality helped him fit in with the orphans. He got to know them by playing games and even teaching English to a few.

Specifically, Lo was inspired by a particular orphan in China who was in a wheelchair. The orphan touched Marcus because even though the boy isn’t as fortunate as others, he still cherishes life as much as he can.

“[The boy] was able to find a passion within himself,” Lo says. “He was always so optimistic.”

When Lo heard that he could meet orphans with mental or physical disabilities, he wasn’t deterred; in fact, he became more eager to help so he could learn how they feel.

“I want to become more diverse,” Lo comments. “I got to talk about where I come from. It helped me develop as a person.”

AP World History teacher Brent Silva acknowledges that Marcus been working extremely hard to succeed, even asking how to be successful starting last year.

“Marcus has an outgoing personality,” Silva says. “He’s willing to put himself out there, which takes a lot.”

As the sophomore is an aspiring dermatologist, he also wanted to understand how he would act with strangers. This was a minor reason for him to take the trip as Lo is hoping to take over his father’s practice one day.

Marcus Lo knows that being able to associate with people is a skill needed in his future work of dermatology. With this in mind, his experiences will help him in many aspects for his future.



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