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Organizing Instagram: a go-to guide for the Generation Z teen


Your Instagram account is a summary of your life. It puts on display what activities you like to do and what friend groups you’re a part of, or you can have a private account if you’d rather just keep in touch with your immediate friends and family.

When you’re meeting a new person as a young adult, whether it’s another freshman in your bio lecture or anolder student retaking some medieval poetry course, as soon as they know your name, they’ll ask you the dreaded question: “What’s your Instagram handle?”

Giving a good impression with a firm handshake and consistent eye contact doesn’t cut it anymore, at least not with people who are only a couple decades old.

I am by no means an Instagram personality, but my account has gotten numerous comments on its aesthetically pleasing color theme. Every photo on my profile is tinted yellow, a color that became a staple in fashion after “Elle Magazine” wrote about how it is the new millennial pink, inspired by Beyoncé’s nickname as the queen bee.

Nearing 16,000 followers, Mayah Silio, who goes by @mayahsilio on Instagram, has built herself up on a mountain of teal photos. She doesn’t always take the photos with teal items in the first place, but instead uses Adobe Photoshopto increase the saturation and color balance in her photos. Having a color theme tends to make your profile look more put together and appealing to the eye, but if you don’t want to be restricted by a palette, you can place other photos in a swipe-through library behind it.

If you want to have all of these more important photos right on your front page, a simple, consistent filter will do. I recommend the app VSCO in particular because it deals with every little part you could think of relating to the color balance in photos. It offers free filters that work really well, and you can find templates online, but there are also a lot of filters you can purchase that do the job even better.

Once you’ve got a theme of sorts going for you, it’s always important to post frequently. Posting often increases the engagement of your followers, and if you’re posting at least once a week, you’ll also gain a following. Not only will your friends and acquaintances want to follow you to be updated about what’s going on in your life, but passersby might even be intrigued by the attractive front of your profile.

Another popular app between public figures on Instagram is Afterlight, but it’s only offered through the App Store for iPhones. It also offers a wide variety of filters and cropping methods to make your photos look more unique. Similar to VSCO, you can create your own filters and apply them over multiple photos to create that theme look, and it also has zooming features for touch-ups.

The overall key of having a perfectly organized Instagram feed is that you have to be consistent. Consistency with your coloration of the photos on your profile, the amount you post and how well you summarize what is going on in your life will not only bring you a larger following, but will make your social media account look even greater.

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