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Opinion: RSVP fails to address important issues

Starting earlier this year, Carmel High ASB implemented a program called RSVP after hearing complaints that students at CHS felt their voices weren’t being heard. The meetings were conducted with the intent of hearing what students had to say about how to improve CHS.

While I admire the efforts of ASB to take the time to come to each class and listen to what specific issues students want addressed at school, it seems to only be scratching the surface.

Making the cafeteria food more edible and Wi-Fi available to everyone doesn’t seem like it will make a glaring difference in the school as a whole.

I know, at least in my class, several people expressed concern about how divided the school is due to cliques. Addressing the issue of cliques and school unification would make a much significant impact on the environment of the school.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to change something as fundamental to human nature as preferring to associate with people like themselves. So it is understandable that ASB is focusing on realistic things that can make the school better instead of trying to force everyone to get along.

Even though we aren’t really that different, there will always be that part of human nature just waiting to find some difference we can use to judge each other.

-Emmanuel Jimenez

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