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OP: Acknowledging our ever-changing relationship with time

Published May 25 , 2021


I do not have time to be writing this. 

But here I am, typing away in the spare moments I have between soccer practice, studying for upcoming AP tests, work, chores, friend get-togethers and my 99 other obligations. 

This time last year, I was probably tanning in my backyard. 

Throughout the past year, the concept of time has gone through many phases. At first, the student break was a relief. It was believed to be a momentary pause, gratefully accepted when approaching our busiest part of the year. I could choose if I wanted to go to AP Human Geography before or after lunch, if I wanted to go at all. After school, I could binge watch all the seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” instead of doing homework. 

But the break never ended, and it became too much. Now, all at once, everything is back, and there is not enough time to do it all. The flip has switched yet again. 

Most teenagers do not even know how to read this clock anymore. What does that say about our ability to manage our time? (courtesy of Pixabay)

Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be too busy than still stuck at home with no activities to look forward to. But the amount of responsibilities and timing of everything is a shock to this normally empty system where watching Netflix and family walks had been the highlight of my day. Hours, minutes and seconds tick away too fast to handle the balancing of multiple emerging events and responsibilities. 

It was not realistic to expect that teenagers would be able to efficiently get back to their time management skills with only a month’s notice, especially during one of the busiest parts of their year. Teenagers naturally procrastinate everything we can, and the past year has let us abuse this procrastination to a massive extent. 

How do we solve this problem of being busy all of a sudden and not being able to handle it? Acknowledge the issue and make a decision. Purchase a planner and make time for what counts. We are so used to desperately wanting to fill up our schedules that we forget sometimes they can get too crowded. 

Our habits have gotten worse with no activities to hold us accountable. We haven’t needed to be present for all our commitments while they were online, but when in person, being physically there means engaging and participating fully. Sadly, we cannot turn off our cameras to finish up last-minute Spanish homework anymore. 

Time management comes with practice. Now might not be the most convenient time to get into that again, but even setting aside 20 minutes to make a plan for the week will have you thanking yourself in the future. 

Right now is the home stretch. The last two weeks before summer vacation and finals are here. Two weeks left. Then we can reset and clock out for this insane school year of 2020-21.

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