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New course focusing on women in business leadership planned for MPC this fall

Published April 2, 2024


For the upcoming fall semester Monterey Peninsula College will be offering a new business course called Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Business Leadership.

Developed by Lindsay Peelman, a business instructor at MPC, the class explores women in business leadership roles both in the past and present and focuses on creating a discourse around the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace and how to successfully manage and combat these issues.   

“What inspired this course was probably everything that I’ve experienced in the workplace and what I’ve seen other women experience in the workplace,” says Peelman, “the different things we have to do to get business done.”

The course, taught by Peelman, who has a doctorate in education as well as a master’s in Business Education, analyzes how women leaders are viewed when negotiating and speaking publicly. It also explores how people interact with women in the workplace and what negative stereotypes and expectations there are of women in business. In the class, students will develop practical skills in workplace politics, networking, public speaking, coaching and non-defensive communication that will help them navigate their business careers ethically and compassionately.

Through her courses, MPC instructor Lindsay Peelman hopes to create a culture where women support and empower each other. (courtesy of LINDSAY PEELMAN)

The course also encourages women to support one another in the workplace and build strong connections. As chair of the Cooperative Work Experience Program at MPC, Peelman believes that having a strong support network of other women in leadership positions is vital to her success. 

“I have a really great squad of other female faculty members that I work with at the college,” she adds. “We’re trying to do some really great things collectively, and we’re all supporting each other and really trying to build each other up.” 

The class discusses particular women who have succeeded in business leadership positions, such as Pat McGrath, a makeup artist who developed an innovative billion-dollar company, and Arianna Huffington, the creator of The Huffington Post, CEO of the health and wellness company Thrive Global and author of 15 novels. 

“I think what’s most amazing about most of these women is that they’ve created foundations that give back to other women,” Peelman expresses.

Preparing the Breaking the Glass Ceiling course for its fall 2024 launch has been a two-year process for Peelman. Once a syllabus was created, the course had to be approved by several groups and committees, including the chancellor of California Community Colleges. This process is commonplace for the creation of new courses at most schools.

Additionally, Peelman developed a creative brand management course that will also be offered at MPC next fall semester. Peelman explains that she based her creative brand management course on the engaging, pop culture-centered courses often offered at Ivy League schools. 

Peelman, whose children are CUSD students, has also played a pivotal part in bringing dual-enrollment MPC business courses to Carmel High. Peelman has championed these courses by speaking to CHS counselors, giving presentations about the courses to students at the elective fair and creating applications for potential teachers. 

Though Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Business Leadership will not be offered on the CHS campus, high school students are still welcome to enroll in the MPC course. Course syllabuses as well as registration details can be found on the Monterey Peninsula College website.


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  • Love that this class will be offered! Excited that MPC’s students will have an opportunity to benefit from these new culturally relevant classes.

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