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Need a rain check? Dry options abound at lunch

It’s that time of year again. Gray cumulonimbus clouds roll in strong, the sun falters, and you can smell rain in the air. The rain, finally, has hit us hard, and with it come all the perks and drawbacks of the changing weather.

Sports activities are always impacted, power outages tend to occur more often, driving conditions worsen and clothes are soaked. And with the frequent downpours and the rare hail, students have foLIBRARYund themselves deprived of normally bright, sunny lunchtime spots. Have no fear! Carmel High School provides many options for students trying to escape the rain.

The library often serves as the number one option for students. It provides warmth, shelter and a place for students to interact and socialize. The computers are always available for students and many students use this opportunity.

The cafeteria is another rainproof location for hungry students. Grab a bite to eat and talk with friends as you watch the rain drench the world outside.

Teachers’ classrooms are almost always open. Take advantage of this time. Do some homework, clarify some topics and have discussions with your teacher. You can bet that history teacher Brent Silva’s classroom will be packed at lunch with students catching up on assignments.

Silva describes the atmosphere: “It’s a melting pot of academics, and it’s a wide range of kids and a wide ranges of activities. There is a lot of laughter and a lot of energy.

Junior Jeffrey Jiang describes his lunchtime preference.

“Well it’s difficult to be outside when water is falling out of the sky,” Jiang says. “I go to classrooms and have a good time.”

Or take this opportunity to get involved in clubs. With numerous clubs on campus, find one that’s interesting. There are clubs meeting every day in classrooms. It is not only a good way to stay dry, but also a way to pursue passions and meet new people.

“It is usually difficult to find a spot, and it is usually different every day,” junior Ivan Davidek explains. “I usually hang out in the hallway by the library or in teacher classrooms.”

Random congregations of students can be found dodging the rain in hallways on campus, as Davidek notes.

For juniors and seniors with cars, often times students decide to go off-campus or eat in their cars.

While we get further into the rainy season, students will need to make alternate plans to accommodate the weather. Keep in mind these options as you survey the campus.

-Evan Patel


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