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Mock trial attorney excels in classroom and courtroom


Grace Dean

A charismatic figure at Carmel High School, Gracie Dean is working her way through sophomore year, stacking up hundreds of hours of community service and participating in mock trial, along with balancing family and friends.

Dean is one of 11 students taking both Honors Physics and Honors Chemistry, both challenging sophomore courses.

“I enjoy everything I do,” Dean  says. “I don’t take any class if I don’t think I’ll enjoy it.”

The exceptional student has been going to Carmel Unified School District schools all her life and has developed a group of friends from her various challenging courses and extracurriculars.

“She’s the ideal student,” says physics and chemistry teacher Dr. Smith. “She’s very respectful, she’s committed to her studies, and that shows

The sophomore mentions that she’s interested in chemistry and other sciences, and that she would love to go into the science field after her high school career.

“She’s really inquisitive,” CHS sophomore Jenna Garcia says, “and she always tries to push and strive to be the best version of herself, which is really inspiring.”

Garcia and Dean met in the sixth grade and have been friends since. They currently share many classes and are on the mock trial team together.

Along with this, Dean also volunteers at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and has racked up more than 150 hours of community service, working in the nutrition services program.

“My favorite thing about working at CHOMP is being able to talk to someone and take their mind off of being sick,” she explains.

In addition to her impressive volunteer work and classroom studies, Dean has a passion for mock trial. Her appearance in mock trial since last year has earned her a spot as the first sophomore to compete as an attorney in the upcoming New York Empire World Championship in November. Carmel High is the returning champion of this tournament, hoping to win for their second time in a row.

Dean will be writing examinations to question many other students from around the world, based on a mock case that was given to her.

“My favorite thing about mock trial is that it challenges me beyond what school can,” Dean says.

Dean plans on continuing her incredible work volunteering for others, while excelling in mock trial and her classes.


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