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Meet the Big Tuana, our new assistant principal

Craig Tuana sporting his new CHS duds.

Craig Tuana sporting his new CHS duds.

Craig Tuana recently joined the Carmel High School staff from Lynbrook High School, where he was an assistant principal. He was previously a dean of students at Palo Alto High School and a special education teacher at Fremont High School. Since joining CHS as an assistant principal the week before February break, the new father has settled into his new job and welcomed his son, Josko, into the world. Last week I caught up with him.

“That means I better be articulate,” he jokes.

How’s your transition to Carmel High School been?

I think it’s been really good. People are really friendly, both staff and student—really welcoming. I think for coming in the middle of the year, I feel like it’s been pretty smooth. I feel pretty fortunate to come in the time I did and people to be like, “Oh hey, how’s it going? It’s great to have you here.” Whenever I have a question, I ask it and get helped out. So, pretty good.

Good commute?

I live in Aptos, so the commute is beautiful—compared to what it used to be. It’s like 40 minutes, which is gorgeous.

What got you involved in the education field? Have you always been in it?

I think it was something I was interested in in college, but not like I majored in education or anything. My dad was in education and…he told me about some new jobs that were available—jobs that were in special education. And I decided to apply, and I got the job, and I’ve just kinda stayed in since then because I liked it.

What do you like about administration?

It’s a different way to work with students and staff. I like trying to help…removing barriers to help [staff] more effectively teach students. It’s also just a different relationship with students. It’s fun. I get to meet kids.

Describe something people might not guess about you?

In college I was table tennis club president. I used to be pretty good, but it was just a club.

Tell me about what you like to do outside of work?

I like to eat. (chuckles) I just got a smoker, like a barbeque smoker. I like that, that’s nice. I like hanging out with the wifey quite a bit. I just had a kid. He’s 16 days old. So I think that’s my new thing that I like to do…just watching him grow, change and show personality.

“Star Trek” or “Star Wars”?

(Laughs) “Star Wars.” I’ve never been into “Star Trek” for some reason.

-Aaron Kreitman

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