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May 4 presents prom hoedown in the wild, wild west


The prom-planning committee gathers on a Thursday for their weekly meeting. With classroom desks in a circle, ASB adviser Aubrey Powers leads a group of six juniors to continue planning prom. These students have been putting in work to create the perfect night since April 2018, and with two months until prom they are working harder than ever.

This year’s May 4 prom couldn’t be more different from a classroom or even a school gymnasium. Long Branch Saloon and Farm in Half Moon Bay presents itself as the venue of Carmel High’s 2019 prom venue. Long Branch is set up as replica of an old western town, filled with antique pieces which add to and create an atmosphere just like the wild, wild west.

“The site had a totally different feel, something that we can’t recreate,” Powers says. “They are equipped with games and hang-out spaces. We liked that it was upscale, yet at the same time felt very approachable.”

Although the venue is designed to feel and look old western town, that doesn’t mean the attire or the formal aspect of prom is. It also offers a variety of activity options besides dancing like mini-golf, a full casino, games and possible surprises.

Some students have expressed concern about a potential country theme or dirtying dresses and tuxes, yet Powers counters those concerns.

“It’s not dust! It’s not dirt! For goodness sakes, it’s in Half Moon Bay, your clothing cannot get that dirty,” Powers says. “The attire is formal, and it is not themed any more than any other prom. If you want to wear your boots, wear your boots, but it is more of a Country Music Award style. The venue lends itself to a potential theme.”

Students are welcome to dress to match the venue, but it is not encouraged any more than it would be for a different venue.

For the past six years, Carmel High School’s prom has continually switched between a boat on the San Francisco Bay and a venue that is unique to each year. This way, students can experience the amazing scenic beauty of prom on the boat as well as one special for their class.

“I think prom is a very special experience,” says junior class president Sebastian Hendricks. “Everyone looks back at it when they graduate high school. I want to make it as memorable as I can. This year is just so different than anything we have ever done, and I think people are really going to like it when they get there.”

Hendricks has been taking charge to plan prom since his sophomore year.

“I started exploring venues with Sebastian,” Powers says. “Since then, we have probably looked at over 30 different spaces, ultimately deciding on Long Branch.”

The 2019 prom planning committee consists of Powers, Hendricks, junior Mia Kotelec, junior Cara Connors and plenty others. This group meets every Thursday, texts daily and holds fundraisers almost every weekend.

Tickets are on sale until April 12 for a price of $165 per student including transportation, dinner, dancing and more!

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