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Steinbeck-loving poetry enthusiast and longtime California resident Lily Owens joined the CHS English department this year, becoming a fresh face on campus and the youngest teacher in her department.

After graduating from CHS herself in 2006 and getting her liberal arts degree from Sarah Lawrence University in New York, Owens got her first classroom experiencing teaching reading support to special-needs elementary school students. She was later placed in a high school in the Bronx for a six-week program teaching poetry and realized that high school was where she really wanted to be.

“There’s definitely a passion for teaching students, but there’s a hand-in-hand passion for subject matter,” Owens says of the reasons teaching high school appealed to her.

Owens is excited about the school year and getting involved in the CHS community again. She is particularly passionate about poetry and hopes to help with the sophomore poetry slam in the spring.

“To be a teacher you have to have seen good teaching,” comments Owens of the teachers who influenced her in her youth, a list that includes her now-colleagues Dale DePalatis, Mike Palshaw, Pat Robel, and Barbara Steinberg.

Outside of the classroom Owens is passionate about women’s rights in childbirth, even becoming a doula after the birth of her daughter. A woman of many talents and interests, she will be a valuable resource on campus.

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