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Life Skills Club teaches lessons to last a lifetime

Managing money, depositing checks, folding laundry, cooking a simple meal: one talent at a time, the Life Skills Club gives students the tools needed to live an independent life.

“The club is an entry into taking full responsibility for our own lives,” says senior Lex Taylor, president of the club. “It is self-control, it is self-reliance, and it is being able to really live into our own potential.”
The Life Skills Club is planning to have a speaker come into adviser Brent Silva’s room once a week to discuss the life skill that the speaker specializes in.

For the first few months of the club they will be focusing on taxes, as it has been found that taxes are what most students are anxious to learn about. An accountant or someone with knowledge of taxes will come to explain the basic knowledge that students in high school or college would need to know.

After taxes are covered and understood, Taylor will move to encouraging people with other life skill talents to come and help the students. Club members will get a better understanding on skills such as cooking, household shopping, folding laundry, or anything the club members request learning.

Taylor mentions that the goal of the club is to make sure everyone walks out with a little more independence. It is assumed that high school students know the basic necessities to living alone, but for those who do not, this club is all about teaching and learning the simple things that students don’t know.

“How you create good habits, it’s something that you are building on,” says Silva, Carmel High School’s AP World History teacher. “It’s something that you are constantly thinking about and working on.”

The meetings are held every Thursday in room 20.

Lex Taylor encourages students to come forward with ideas for topics to discuss in meetings or find people who they would like to hear at meetings. For questions concerning the Life Skills Club, email Taylor at

-Asha Johnston

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