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Letter from the Editors: Hey Padres

Hey Padres,

Welcome to the first full Sandpiper issue of the school year! The newspaper class has 10 people, and this year’s staff is made up of juniors and seniors, all of whom bring a different perspective and new ideas for potential articles. One writer is interested in politics, one in gender discrimination, while still others highlight current catastrophies around campus and changes in the community

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have noticed that girls, in particular, have been dressing rather eccentrically this week. It is one of the many signs that Powderpuff is here yet again. Even if you aren’t at the forefront of the field or one of the fan-favorite cheerleaders, come and support the chaos, worse comes to worst at least it is entertaining.

Perhaps even more entertaining is this month’s issue of the Sandpiper complete with the latest news about cats living under the computer lab (clearly they missed the memo and are hunting the wrong mice), Nicki Minaj’s latest and arguably most provocative music video, ‘Anaconda,’ and a detailed account of the flaws found in the boys’ bathrooms here at CHS.

As a side note, last issue there were many newspapers thrown to the ground, and while the Sandpiper staff will not judge those of you who do not want to be informed students, please recycle the papers once you have finished with them, and do not make others clean up your mess.

Delaney King and Carly Rudiger, editors-in-chief

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