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Leadership teacher Aubrey Powers inspires students through hard work and positivity

Published Jan. 30, 2024


Currently in charge of college support classes, the Leadership class and the Associated Student Body program, Aubrey Powers is known around the Carmel High School campus for her involvement and energetic personality.

Coming from a family of educators, Powers has been teaching at CHS for 18 years, starting with the college support program and U.S. History, adding AP World History to her schedule six years later. In 2016, the former high school ASB president started teaching the Leadership class in hopes of offering support when it comes to planning school events.

“I really enjoy the process of watching kids discover and find their own ideas and helping them learn how to do different tasks,” Powers says. “We’re always on a continual cycle of improvement and trying to offer engagement.”

Aubrey Powers, the ASB activities director, leadership teacher and AVID teacher, inspire students through her energetic personality and dedication to helping others. (photo by NICOLE MIRSKI)

At the end of the year, the ASB activities director creates a schedule for the entirety of the next school year, including all the dates for the spirit weeks, dances–prom included–and rallies. When it comes down to the individual event, she spends both time inside and outside of class to set up and prepare for them.

“She’s a very energetic person, and she puts her full effort into everything she does,” says Diana Vita, the ASB bookkeeper.

Although Leadership students are in charge of hosting school spirit events such as spirit rallies, Powers is always helping on the sidelines with a smile on her face, which doesn’t go unnoticed by her students or the spectators.

“She’s always super enthusiastic about improving the school and looking for ways to involve the whole student body in school activities,” says Julia Jackson, CHS junior class president and a member of the Leadership class. “She values spreading kindness and promoting school spirit, which shows through the work that she does for Leadership and the school.”

Hans Schmidt, who previously coached CHS varsity girls’ basketball alongside Powers, remembers a time when she substituted for an injured player during practice while nine months pregnant. He notes how she conducted her classes with an enthusiasm that could be heard from down the hall.

After coaching high school basketball for four years, Powers is now involved at Pacific Grove Middle School as her daughter’s sixth grade basketball coach. She works alongside her husband, the varsity boys’ basketball coach at Pacific Grove High School.

“As a family, we like to go to college games and events,” says the mother of three. “A lot of our family time together is us watching one of us play sports. Between the five of us, we have four different basketball schedules right now.” 

Despite her immense involvement at CHS both during and after the school day, Powers still manages to upkeep her reputation as being a friendly face around campus. 

“When I’m not coaching or teaching, I’m usually driving my kids around to their various activities and sports that they play,” Powers explains. “But when I’m not doing that, I like to go to the movies or shop, watch Hallmark TV, Christmas shows  and shop. If I’ve already said ‘shop,’ it’s because I need to say it twice because I like doing it so much.”

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