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Key Club unlocks doors to exciting opportunities

No, Key Club isn’t a club centered around literal keys, but rather one focused on giving back to the community through volunteering, such as the club’s prospective trip to Guatemala this year to teach children English.

“We are having people donate school supplies and clothes,” says senior Hannah Huh, the club president. “When we go to Guatemala, what we’ll be doing is teaching English to kids, and we’ll also be handing out those donations.”

All members of the club have the chance to go to Guatemala if they have a certain number of hours devoted to the club’s volunteer work. The club is planning to fund the trip with fundraisers such as a 5K run and possibly an overnight school lock-in.

Another project the club is working on this year is going to Fresno in October to hand out shoes and clothes to children who are in need.

“We are partnering up with a church in a less fortunate area there,” says junior Julia Sudol, the club’s bulletin editor, “so we are planning to take a group of students to Fresno where we’d give shoes to the children that are in need.”

Other community service projects the club plans on working on are fundraising dinners and beach cleanups.

“I’m super stoked for picking up garbage off the beach,” junior and first-year member Madina Inagambaeva says.

Every year, senior members of Carmel High’s Key Club will have the opportunity to get a college scholarship if they have been in the club for two years.

The club is centered around community service that helps and benefits the local community. Carmel High’s Key Club is a part of an international program and is one of 5,000 Key Clubs around the world that focus on leadership and connecting students with their community.

“It’s good for youth to contribute to their own community,” Huh says.

This will be the Key Club’s second year since being restarted by Huh.

Along with serving the community, the club also has social events such as gatherings at the beach where members get to know one another better.

“I’m looking forward to helping people in our community and having fun with the other members,” says junior Cameron Clarke, a second-year member.

The Key Club meets every Tuesday at lunch in Room 25.

-Hailey Rowe

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