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Carmel High School’s closure has put extreme stress on some students, including myself. Not only is this requiring all the teachers to adjust their school planning, but it is calling for students to learn everything online instead of in person. 

Nonetheless, I feel the only way to get through these hard times is to remain calm and just be aware of your surroundings. Students whose schools have been canceled for the time being need to try not to stress out too much and try to stay on top of the school work. 

I, for one, am extremely stressed out and anxious how the school year will proceed. With online school, I am expected to sit in front of a screen for up to seven hours a day. Looking at screens for that much time every day puts a strain on my eyes and gives me huge headaches, which I am not a fan of.

But it’s okay to be stressed out. I know for a fact that I am, but we need to turn that stress into motivation to be productive and create a schedule. Give yourself enough time to complete your school work, but still have time to go outside, get fresh air and have fun. You can even invest more time into your hobbies, whatever they may be.

It is extremely important to get fresh air every now and then. It can be unhealthy to stay cooped up in a house all day, and it’ll help you relax and clear your mind. 

So far, this has been working out for me: For the most part, I finish my homework in the morning and afternoon, and the rest of the day I read and go outside. I’ve also found it to be very relaxing to cook whenever I’ve had time, which is not only calming, but also fun! And with all my siblings home from college, I get to spend time with them by playing games or watching movies.

We all know that being cooped up in a house all day can be pretty depressing, but if you make the best of it, it can be enjoyable. And as long as we look at the bright side of the shelter-in-place, we can use our time productively by keeping up with school while also having fun.

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  • Very nice article Bela! Hang in there and give my warmest regards to your whole family!

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