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January 24 News Briefs

Poetry out Loud silenced

Poetry Out Loud, a local, state and national level poem recitation competition, will not be returning for a second year at Carmel High.

The site-level portion of the competition had to be cancelled due to the fact that there was only one Carmel High School participant. According to English teacher Barbara Steinberg, head of the campus-level contest, other participants had to back out due to conflicting schedules.

Though plans didn’t pan out this year, Steinberg stays hopeful that the contest will return to CHS in years to come and plans to increase participation.

“In the future, I would sort of form it as a club,” Steinberg says. “Or I’d try to get a class-level competition going. That way we’d have a set group of students from September to February who are committed to it.”

While the competition didn’t occur at CHS, junior Chris Good will be going on to the county-level contest regardless.

“We don’t have to compete here to move on,” Steinberg says. “We can still have representation at the county level.”

The county competition will be taking place Feb. 15 at 1 p.m. at the Museum of Monterey.

-Sam Graves

Raffle doubles its target for scholarships

The raffle is over, and the results are in. Carmel High’s first Super Bowl raffle raised about double the targeted amount of $50,000, and the winner of this year’s raffle has been selected.

The winner, Dr. David Goldberg, will be going to New Jersey along with his wife next month to watch Super Bowl XLVIII, as the Denver Broncos face the Seattle Seahawks in the Feb. 2 matchup.

But the raffle did a lot more than give out great prizes.

“One hundred percent of it goes towards the high school,” says Patricia Hunt, College and Career Center counselor and raffle coordinator.

Hunt says that due to the success of this year’s raffle, there will be one next year and probably the year after, and the target for next year will be closer to $75,000.

Hunt also hopes that the raffle will become even more popular within the school.

“Eighty students sold tickets this year, which was great,” Hunt says. “We’re hoping in the years going forward we can turn that into 800 kids.”

The main point of this raffle is the students that benefit from it, and with the huge success this year, the scholarship fund and events like sober grad, ASB and AVID will be greatly affected in years to come.

-Jason Clarke

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