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iPhone 6 living up to student expectations

At last, the iPhone 6 has made its arrival, sweeping through the hallways of Carmel High—and just in time for the holiday season.

The larger display, faster processor, better camera and even slower slo-mo make the new iPhone a definite upgrade over last year’s model.

With the choice of the iPhone 6 or the extremely large iPhone 6 Plus, the new phones are considerably larger than their predecessors. But do they actually live up to the high expectations bestowed upon them?

If one considers how far the iPhone has come since its release in 2007, then yes, it has come an awfully long way; however, over the last couple years, iPhone users have not experienced drastic improvements.

The 6 is equipped with a 4.7-inch display, whereas the 6 Plus features 5.5-inch display. In comparison to the 4-inch display of the 5s, there is a noticeable increase in size (without an appreciable increase in cost).

The iPhone 6 features a bigger display, better camera and faster processor.

The iPhone 6 features a bigger display, better camera and faster processor.

During the reign of the 5s, the phone started at $199—a price that has been left unchanged for every new iPhone.

In actuality, aside from the minor software upgrades, the new phone is almost the exact same thing as the previous model. Considering that the 5s can get the same software updates—and fit comfortably in anyone’s hand—it’s just as suitable to people looking for the latest and greatest iPhone technology.

Looking past all the minor advancements in the new phones, the new design has one major Achilles’ heel that might drive consumers away: the aluminum alloy on the 6 Plus has been known to bend.

No, it’s not just some rumor spread to convert people from Apple to Android. The frame of the phone has actually been proven to deviate from its original shape.

This doesn’t mean that the phone is flexible and resilient, but rather that it’s malleable—and will not bend back to normal unless forced to do so.

Under enough pressure (a surprisingly low amount), the gigantic surface of the 6 Plus will bend in the pocket of the user.

This anomaly, in itself, might be reason enough for many to completely skip this generation of iPhone. However, the performance of the device should not be judged by this one deformity, but rather by what it has to offer.

Yes, it can make calls, send texts and run all the same applications as the previous models, and is certainly not a downgrade from the last model. But is that all you want in a phone?

When it all comes down to it, the likeability of the latest iPhone lies in the opinions of its users.
-Lennie Rodriguez

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