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HOW TO: Prep for prom without losing your mind

grayscaleHow To Prom (Alex Burns practicing her curtsey)DO get together with your friends before meeting with your dates. This pre-date time is perfect for sassy girl/boy talk, snacking and last-minute touches to your outfits. The rushing and whirling associated with the pre-picture time creates the perfect atmosphere for possibly disastrous memories like torn dresses, stress acne, broken heels and ill-fitting tuxedos. We wouldn’t want you to be the one girl/boy who decided to get ready by yourself while your friends are creating countless memories by cramming themselves into a single bathroom with one mirror and a limited amount of patience.

DON’T forget the time of your reservation. This may seem like a difficult thing to do, but believe us, with all the things to plan, the craziness of coordinating, the limited bathroom space and the rush to find a ride, a few things will get lost along the way…namely shoes, money and the knowledge of what time you have to be at dinner. Not only will this stress out the numerous people who haven’t eaten since 9 a.m. and are depending on you to feed them food so they don’t keel over, but you will also freak out the restaurant who will not know what to do with a giant group of kids that just walked in the front door.

DO allow your parents to come and take pictures of you and your date. We realize having your cheeks pinched might smear your makeup or just plain embarrass you in front of your on-looking friends, but realize this is also your parents’ time to shine. We understand that smiling in front of your mother’s camera lens for over 200 pictures may seem like a drag, but just remember your mother has never been prouder, and she does it because she loves you.

DON’T be afraid to go all out. This may be your first prom, or this may be your last, but don’t forget that it is a time to enjoy life, to not be afraid to be yourself and to have fun with your friends. If you don’t want to stay the whole time, do what you have to do, but remember that if you’re not dancing at the place you paid about $100 to attend, then you’re most likely going to be playing music at another location that probably won’t have the same amount of pizzazz.




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