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How to escape the heat with the right refreshing treat

Published May 29, 2023


As summer approaches and temperatures rise, we will all be in dire need of ice-cold treats to cool us down. Here are some options for your tastebuds this summer, conveniently be found at your nearest gas station, grocery store or creepy neighborhood ice cream truck.


Spongebob Squarepants Popsicle

“Arrrr you ready, kids?” You better be. Based on its jarring appearance, you may need to brace yourself before opening the package. This icy sweet treat is one that is a reminder of youth and community pool outings. This popsicle has a soft texture that can’t help but spread its artificial fruit flavoring all over your mouth. The gumball eyes are a total bonus, but the flavor is definitely short-lived. 



Nestlé Push-Up Pop: Outrageous Orange 

This is not only a refreshing and delicious fruity treat, but so fun to eat. The push-up pop leaves the consumer satisfied once they reach the bottom, giving purpose to the popsicle experience. The Outrageous Orange flavor reminds us of orange Tic-Tacs and leaves us dumbfounded with how much we adore it. This interactive popsicle’s soft texture makes you feel like you are a kid again–a kid with two missing front teeth, unable to chew anything.  



Nestlé Vanilla Sandwich

There is nothing wrong with this choice. It’s a classic and you know what you’re gonna get. With a solid wafer to vanilla ice cream ratio of about 1:6, this cold treat will give you the perfect balance of flavors. But watch out! Things can tend to get melty… quick! 



Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

On to another beautiful and refreshing choice. This here is a go-to when desiring a fruity bar with extra sweetness. The shortcake crumbles on the outside really make this by breaking up the texture in a tasty way. Not only is it visually appealing, but as opposed to typical ice cream bars with heavy chocolate or thick vanilla flavors, one almost feels better after eating this. Highly recommend it.



Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar 

If you are not the decadent ice cream type, feel free to excuse yourself. Not joking. You will not find joy here nor do we want you to. For those who’ve stayed, you will not regret this classic and elegant choice. The Magnum bar has two dark chocolate coatings with a stream of sweet caramel residing in between. Within the outer shells, a light and fluffy vanilla ice cream sits, its purpose to balance out the rich exterior. Allow this bar to melt in your mouth and dance with your tastebuds for as long as possible because you will be wanting more once it is gone. 


Oreo Drumstick


What are arguably the best two things to ever be invented? If you don’t immediately answer with 

(1) Oreos and (2) ice cream then you’re wrong, sorry ‘bout it. I can only wish to someday find out the individual who decided to blend these two items together and make this glorious drumstick so that I can marry them. If you have any hints of who this could be, please point them in my direction.



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