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Halle Berry goes in new direction with thriller

Whenever I thought of a 911 operator I thought of one like a telemarketer. I thought of one with no emotion, just a voice on the other line when I have an emergency. My perspective of 911 operators changed once I watched the movie The Call.

The Call, starring HalleBerry, is a very intense, emotional, thrilling movie that at times can keep you at the edge of your seat or make you want to cry.

Berry plays the role of Jordan, a 911 operator from Los Angeles. She receives an emergency call from a terrified young girl who is alone in her house while an intruder is trying to break in.

Jordan does her best to help the girl in giving her a series of instructions on how to hide, but one little mistake costs the young girl her life. Devastated, Jordan blames herself and decides to not be a 911 operator anymore.

Six months later Jordan is training others to be 911 operators. During a training session Jordan introduces the students to a new operator and in the middle of the intro, the operator gets a hysterical call from a girl named Casey (Abigail Breslin).

Casey has been abducted by a man in the mall parking lot and is calling from a disposable phone in the trunk of the kidnapper’s car. Jordan, who is still devastated by the death of the other young girl, hops on the phone and devises plans to make sure this call doesn’t end like the first one.

Brad Anderson, director of The Call, did a great job casting. Every character brings his or her own feel to the movie making it more compelling to watch. This movie will give people a whole new perspective when they think about the job of a 911 operator.


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