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God of mischief steals show in ‘Thor: The Dark World’

“Thor: The Dark World,” like most superhero films, is full of amazing special effects and intense fight scenes, but what it has that truly makes it stand out is a well-written script that has comedic and serious dialogue and sequences as well as developed characters that are well-acted.

“Thor: The Dark World” takes place in the post-Avengers universe with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) trying to bring peace to the other realms outside of Asgard. But despite his attempts, a new evil force emerges led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) to bring darkness to all the nine realms. Thor must request the help of his love interest Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and his antagonizing, adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

This is the third installment from Marvel Studios to showcase both Thor and Loki, but unlike previous Marvel films, Thor and Loki must work side by side.

While leading actor Hemsworth does an excellent job reprising his role as the thunder god, it is Hiddleston who steals the show by delivering a well done performance by playing off the sarcastic nature of the god of mischief along with the empathetic qualities of this now twisted and tortured character.

While the brotherly relationship between Thor and Loki seems realistic and natural, the romantic subplot between Thor and Jane Foster seems forced throughout the film…and unnecessary.

Like “Iron Man” and “The Avengers,” the script has comedic aspects that range from witty one-liners to physical comedy to clever, sarcastic, humorous dialogue that is well delivered by the cast of outstanding actors, specifically Hiddleston and Kat Dennings, who plays Darcy, an intern for Jane Foster and the most realistic character in the whole film.

Despite the film’s comedic aspects, “Thor: The Dark World” does not lack on the action with choreographed fight scenes and special effects that only add to the intensity of scenes.

The movie is more than just witty one-liners and fight sequences, though. There are heart-wrenching scenes that focus on conflicts and tensions within the royal family of Asgard, and the character development of both Thor and Loki are conveyed beautifully by the leading actors.

Unlike most sequels, “Thor: The Dark World” is continuous with the previous installments in the saga, referencing not only the first Thor movie, but also referencing Marvel characters and events from films outside the Thor franchise.

Despite a weak romantic subplot, as a whole “Thor: The Dark World” is an outstanding film among countless superhero movies because of a cast able to play empathetic characters and a good balance of comedy, action, drama and heart-wrenching scenes.

-Caitlin Chappell

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