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Freshman Turrini-Smith leads boys’ soccer team

It is not too common that a freshman is a key player on a varsity squad, but Tio Turrini-Smith puts this long-kept tradition to rest with his performance for Carmel’s soccer team.

The young center midfield is making a name for himself with his ability to cut through the field with his impressive quickness and ball control.

It is not just the things that he does during game time that make him a great player, but also the practice he puts in, whether it’s with the team or on his own. His dedication and passion towards the game is apparent, and is clearly noticed by his coach, José Ramos.

“He’s one of the players who actually implements a lot of what we practice on the field,” says Ramos in regard to the freshman.

Catching Turrini-Smith practicing at the field apart from the team is not uncommon, as he is constantly trying to sharpen his talent.


“Starting on varsity is exciting because I still have four more years doing this, and I’m already having a lot of fun,” Turrini-Smith says.

With his swift, cutting movements and ball-handling skills, it is no surprise that the young midfielder is able to get the ball in scoring position, making it look easy as he outruns his competitors.

Aside from the successful season, the freshman’s relationship with the team has also been a constant growing experience.

“We are getting better,” says Turrini-Smith in regard to his dedicated team. “At the beginning of the year, there was not much chemistry between the players, but by now everybody is getting used to each other and connecting a lot more.”

The freshman’s skills have not only caught the eyes of his coach and the crowd, but also of the guys who play alongside him every day.

Mac Coltelli, a second-year starter as a sophomore, speaks highly of the freshman’s performance: “He’s very good at counter attacks, and a great element of our offense. Like all of us, he has more to go, but he’s off to a great start.”

With his strong performances on the field, solidified by his passion for the game and love for the team, there is no doubt that Tio Turrini-Smith is a perfect fit for Padre of the Month.
-Lennie Rodriguez

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