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Freshman artist shows great potential in exhibition

Sita Poole (taken by Mauldwin)Freshman Sita Poole may have just begun her high school career, but already she has made quite the impression after having plenty of her art pieces entered in the Carmel High School Art Show and ultimately claiming the grand prize.

Poole, who decided to join Art I this year, was pleasantly surprised when a charcoal portrait of her sister was awarded the highest of honors in the show.  However, her immense talents are not as shocking when considering her artistic past and experience.

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, where art was a compulsory class in her school, Poole learned the importance of creativity at a young age. According to the South African native, the country is recognized as “the creative capital for the world in 2014” and “a place of innovation and new technologies.”

“Art has always been a very big part of my life,” the freshman says. “My sister, mom, aunts, cousins and grandmother are all super creative and artistic. I aspire to be like them.”

Her talents can certainly be attributed to this.  The grand prize piece titled “My Sister” is an intricate graphite portrait, while “Seascape” expertly depicts a vibrant, detailed landscape.

“Getting the prize validates the time and effort that I put into the piece I did of my sister,” she says. “All the frustration and perseverance paid off and it’s just a great honor.”

Though art may be difficult at times, it has proven to be a treasured pastime for Poole.

“I have been very creative for as long as I can remember,” the aspiring artist explains. “My mom, who is an artist herself, always let me ‘decorate’ furniture with paint and basically make a mess! I feel like this really allowed my creativity and love of art to grow.”

And grow it did. After experimenting with art throughout her youth, even taking classes at CarmelMiddle School, Poole finally reached a more advanced stage: an art class taught by Maggie Bevier, a talented artist herself.

Bevier, having only taught the freshman for less than a year, was already blown away by her skilled technique.

“She’s just one of those one in a million students,” Bevier says.  “She’s got a fabulous eye. I think that girl could look at anything and draw it or get inspiration from it.”

According to Bevier, Poole not only “takes criticism really well and wants to improve, even though she’s already outstanding,” but is one of the top 1 percent of students Bevier has taught.

It seems to be passion above all else that will take Poole far in the future, whether artistically or in the medical field, which she hopes to pursue as well.  The successful student plans to take Art II this upcoming year as well as study art history in college, along with similar classes.

“I fell in love with art,” Poole says. “There is something wonderful about taking a blank paper or canvas and creating beautiful art out of almost nothing.”


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