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French restaurants that will make you say, ‘Holy crepe!’

crepe picA sweet and savory treat has made the long journey across the Atlantic Ocean from France to be enjoyed by you. No, I’m not talking about French fries, I’m talking about crepes! A delicious sweet and savory treat to satisfy you at all time of the day, and here are some of the best local places to enjoy this French tradition.

Crepes of Brittany

6 Old Fisherman’s Wharf Suite C

Monterey, CA93940

(831) 649-1825

Crepes of Brittany is the closest thing to French crepes that you will get while not in France. Their crepes are affordable and cooked to perfection and are topped off with their homemade whipped cream, while their homemade Brittany Caramel makes me want to burst out in French. Ils sont magnifique!

Crepes of Brittany is located on the Fisherman’s Wharf with outdoor seating and a casual feel. Like all restaurants in Monterey, you have to be careful when you go because on the weekends it will be crowded with ravenous tourists, and you will be stuck in a long line to get your crepe fix. If you are able to make it to the Wharf during their odd work hours, I would most definitely go and get one of their scrumptious creations.

The Cottage

Lincoln, between Ocean and Seventh

Carmel, CA93923

(831) 625-6260

The Cottage, a small, cute restaurant located in the middle of Carmel with a semi-casual feel, is not known for its crepes, but it should be. More costly than other creperies, The Cottage’s crepes are a tad bit too thick and lacking the crispy exterior that’s usually expected. Although lacking on the exterior, the fillings make up for it. The limited menu holds non-traditional crepes including ratatouille, cheese blintz and my personal favorite, lightly cinnamoned hot apples with melted cheese, sour cream and honey.

The Monterey Crepe Company

312 Alvarado St.

Monterey, CA93940

(831) 373-4646

The Monterey Crepe Company, a small restaurant located on Alvarado Street with affordable crepes of all kinds, is the perfect place to go for a quick crepe with your friends. It is open all day so whenever you are feeling that craving for a crepe, you know they will be open. After you order, you are able to watch your crepe being made in front of your eyes. The service is quick, except if you go during the Monterey Farmers’ Market on Tuesday. In that case you may have to wait in a long line. If in need of a quick and affordable crepe at any hour of the day, go here.




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