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First dance show set to dazzle with inventive theme

You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. But with the dance show performance on Dec. 6 and 7, Carmel High dancers of all different feathers—that is, all different levels of experience—will put up for audience consumption the culmination of hard work originating in the beginning of the year.

The show, titled “Unbury the Bird and Watch it Soar,” is named after a dance choreographed by Katy Felsinger, CHS Class of 2008. Felsinger recently majored in dance at U.C. Irvine and visited so that she might teach CHS dancers something new.

“We decided to make that the title of our dance [show] because what comes up in [Felsinger’s] dance is what society tells you you should do and coming to a realization of what you want to do,” dance teacher Kristine Tarozzi explains.

The theme was decided after all the dances were choreographed because Tarozzi doesn’t like to constrict creative potential with a category, but the “Unbury the Bird and Watch it Soar” theme coincides perfectly with the subjects of the show’s dances, all of which include some element of growing up, dealing with outside influences or finding one’s self.

“A Tribute to Happiness” set to “Two Cousins” by Slow Club, “Sleep” set to “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” by Bombay Bicycle Club, and “Celebration of Life” set to “Baleen Morning” by Balmorhea, choreographed by Maisie Kise, Emily Wolfson and Kyra Burns, respectively, are all noteworthy dances to look forward to, senior Kyra Burns says.

Tarozzi believes that the show will definitely be special—painted with newer colors than in previous years.

“We have a great opening piece,” reveals Tarozzi, careful not to disclose the secrets of the dance. “We like to make some messes, and we have some…surprises.”

Another distinguishing quality about the upcoming show is the number of dancers with prior experience.

“We have some very well-trained dancers,” Tarozzi says. “We’ve never had this many extremely well-trained dancers in Dance III all at once.”

Dance students, whether students in Dance I or Dance III, are twirling in excitement for the show.

“I think every dancer, whether he or she dances outside of school or this is his or her first time dancing, brings something very special to the show,” says freshman Delaney King, member of Dance II.

The dancers hope that people will flock to see all that Carmel High dancers have to offer, proving their hard work a success.

Burns adds, “People should attend the dance show because this year it will be like no dance show people have seen in the past.”

-Carissa Redfield

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