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Finding opportunity through summer internships

While summer is generally used as a time to relax and enjoy being with loved ones, several students forgo vacation and explore their interest in internships.

“This year I figured out that I wanted to go into hospitality,” junior Jamie Stracuzzi says, “something along the lines of event planning, sports management or even hotel management. Since the field is all about experience, I felt the best way to strengthen my resume was to get as much experience in the field as possible.”

Stracuzzi is one of the several students who will be working on an internship, assisting in organizing the First Tee tournament, through which Pebble Beach gives disadvantaged youth the opportunity to play golf.

“I’m excited,” Stracuzzi says.

Another student who’s also excited to do an internship this summer is junior Chandler Sutton, who will be furthering his knowledge in video production through an internship at 831 Magazine, giving him the scoop on the career field he wants to choose.

“Internships are fabulous,” Sutton says, “and it would advance my skills in video.”

Internships are not usually offered by the college and career center—most of the time, they must be found independently—but help is available.

“Internships are really valuable for a student,” says college and career advisor Patricia Hunt. “It can be a good reference for jobs and college. In the recent career day we had at our school, some of the business owners were asked if they were interested in offering internships, and some of the answers I got were, ‘Yes.’ They would be able to give internships to students.”

Hunt also mentioned that internships are very important in any career field, but especially in a field that is competitive and requires experience.

Counselor Jeff Schatz encourages students to do internships in order to get a head start or explore career-wise, also mentioning how good internships look on resumes.

“I don’t hear about internships often, but occasionally students go on their own and look for them,” Schatz notes.

Junior Leonard Cisneros is exploring a different field of interest by doing an internship at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, run by Teen Conservation Leadership. His task will be to guide guests around the Aquarium and make sure they have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

“While in it, I will also learn about local wildlife,” Cisneros says. “TCL is a very prestigious program to get into. Kids from many local areas are in it.”

Some students are motivated by improving their college résumé as well as having fun.

Junior Sumner Healy will be working as a counselor at an acting camp, an opportunity he got from a family friend.

And Healy says, “I’m excited because my friends will be doing it too.”


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