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File keeps tallying strikeouts during Carmel playoff run

File pitching_Photo by Christina FerranteIn the fourth and final year of her high school softball career, senior Brittany File is going out with quite a bang.

Just this Saturday, File pitched her first-ever perfect game, establishing herself as one of the most powerful pitchers to come through CHS.

Along with her perfect game, File has had three no-hitter games. Currently she has struck out 181 batters this season. Not to mention she has set her personal record of strikeouts in a game—18 out of 21 total outs possible.

File had been playing softball since she was a little girl, but one day, wanting to be like her sister Alex, she decided to start pitching.

“My sister was a huge inspiration,” File says, “so following in her footsteps was natural.”

From that point on, File has worked relentlessly towards her goal of being the best pitcher she can be and has proven her tenacity and dedication time and time again, on and off the field.

Her favorite softball memory?

“Pitching three games in 106 degree heat and still having enough energy to play Ninja afterwards.”

With years of pitching lessons mixed with travel softball and high school softball, File has put in massive amounts of work in order to reach her goal.

Besides pitching, File has worked hard to become a major batting utility. Her batting average is .342 for this season, and she is consistently one of the leading batters on the Carmel team.

Her statistics, while strikingly impressive, did not come without years of hard work.

File also strives to be among the top students in her class and one of the best flutists in the band.

“Whatever you do, you have to be dedicated to the various activities you participate in,” File says. “If you’re not willing to give 100 percent, in my book, it’s not worth participating at all.”

With incredible statistics, grade point average and a notable track record with honor band, File’s success has not flown under the radar for CHS softball coach Mike Odello.

“The most notable thing about Brittany is not only her commitment to softball but her all-around tangibles,” Odello says, “such as being a student, being in the band and just being an all-around well rounded individual.”

When several coaches began recruiting her, it was a natural step for File to decide to play softball in college.

After a few conversations with the softball coach at Emory University in Atlanta, the coach decided to fly out to see her play. One flight turned into many flights as File’s relationship grew stronger with Emory and weaker with her other college choices.

“My heart became set on Emory around July or August of 2012, and I [verbally committed] to Emory University in September of 2012.”

After working hard for so many years, she has an incredible and unique opportunity to go to a prestigious college and play her favorite sport.
File plans on majoring in biology and becoming a part of the pre-med program at Emory while still playing softball, a unique skill she has taught herself throughout her years at CHS.


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