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Doughnut Be Afraid to Indulge: A Guide

Published May 29, 2023


For Sandpiper readers looking to include more whole foods–that is, more hole foods–in their diet, this guide to local doughnut shops is the right place. Although students may be rising well past the morning hours with the onset of summer, these sweet treats remain a fun and tasty way to start out the day.

Safeway in The Crossroads

If, for whatever reason, one is called upon to supply a large quantity of doughnuts, this is always a reliable bet. While clearly not the focal point of the market, Safeway does an excellent job providing these goods quickly and affordably, while offering great bakery service to top it off. However, if one is searching for a soul-altering doughnut experience, this chain supermarket may not be the place.

Red’s Donuts

Red’s Donuts on Alvarado Street

By serving the Monterey Peninsula fresh doughnuts for more than seven decades, Red’s has established itself as a quintessential part of downtown Monterey. Though the shop may be small, it is mighty, and offers myriad flavors in impressive quantities. The actual product is, of course, delicious, and when paired with a coffee serves as the perfect start to the day. Whether it be a stop on a morning commute or an outing to stock a party with colorfully frosted treats, one can’t go wrong with Red’s.

Monterey Donuts

Monterey Donuts on Fremont Street

For Carmel, Carmel Valley and Big Sur residents, this shop tends to be a little ways out of the way. Even still, those headed north will find it a worthwhile stop, as the doughnuts made here are high-quality and affordable. They offer a wide variety, including smaller sizes that land in the happy medium between a full doughnut and an unsatisfyingly small doughnut-hole. Their old-fashioned glazed is just the right amount of dense to be a delicious and indulgent breakfast.

Dutch Door Donuts in Carmel Plaza

Dutch Door is a newer addition to downtown Carmel, and it fits right in with the quality and vibrance of other shops in Carmel Plaza. This shop adds a unique twist: Instead of baking and topping doughnuts in the early hours of each morning, their doughnuts are glazed and topped to order right before each customer’s eyes. These doughnuts are not

Dutch Door

the standard, in shape, texture and flavor. Fewer flavors are offered here than at other locations, but the varieties they carry are unique, bold and dangerously delicious. From blueberry meyer lemon to blood orange guava, the adventurous doughnut consumer will never get bored of their ever-changing list. And by pairing their doughnuts with Italian sodas, Dutch Door effectively transforms a morning activity into an afternoon outing. Indulging here certainly comes at a greater price, but when handed a warm doughnut still dripping with fresh glaze, the couple extra dollars don’t seem quite so tough.


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