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District nurse retiring to travel abroad

Published May 31, 2023


After her five years at Carmel High School, district nurse Debbie Taylor has decided to go into retirement, making plans to travel in the years ahead. 

“You want to retire while you’re still young enough to enjoy a lot of the other activities in your life,” says Taylor. 

The district nurse has plans to explore and travel after retirement. (courtesy of DEBBIE TAYLOR)

The seasoned medical professional has been a certified nurse since she was 21 years old, working for Kaiser hospitals for five years then as a school nurse for 17 years prior to her job in Carmel. Since she started working in the district in August 2018, Taylor has been responsible for all the nursing throughout CUSD and coordinating and training other employees. She also conducted hearing and vision testing. 

In her many years of nursing, Taylor says she looks back on her time with the district affectionately. 

“It’s been very interesting, and I love the kids and a lot of the great people that I’ve worked with here,” explains the retiree, saying that she will miss all of the friendly faces in the district that she sees daily the most upon her absence. 

In her retirement, the medically certified special education worker plans on exploring the Central Coast area and explains that she and her dog will be spending a lot of time at the beach. With her free time, Debbie Taylor wants to plan trips, mainly to revisit Europe and head up north towards Alaska in hope of seeing the northern lights.

“What a really nice district this is to work in,” Taylor reflects. “It’s a beautiful place to work, and I’ve been lucky to get to know people throughout the whole district.”


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