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DC’s ‘The Batman’ redefines hero stereotypes

Published Apr. 7, 2022


Batman truly is vengeance in this cutting-edge, emo, 1970s-esque DC Comics superhero film “The Batman,” and it is evident that there was a great amount of thought and creativity put into this masterpiece from the very first scene to the end credits. 

Directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson, playing Batman, and Zoe Kravitz, playing Catwoman, it was clear that this movie was going to be incredible. Screenplay writer Peter Craig begins Batman’s journey during his second year behind the mask as he actively works with the police. When the Riddler, a brutal murderer played by Paul Dano, leaves a trail of clues, Batman must unmask him and return justice to Gotham City.

Spanning a lengthy three hours, the plot and cinematography are incredibly detailed, managing to touch on the good, bad and ugly sides of each character. Greig Fraser, the movie’s lead cinematographer, has worked on films like “Star Wars: Rogue One” and “Dune,” and his techniques help to bring the city of Gotham to life.

Pattinson deeply explores Batman’s character by showing shades of him that DC fans have never seen before. Throughout the movie the viewer can see how overwhelmed with grief and responsibility Bruce Wayne is and how intimidating and badass he is as Batman. Although Pattinson has a limited amount of dialogue compared to the actors from previous films, he is still able to accurately portray the character through his use of body language and eye movement. His haunted version of the caped crusader brings chills to not only the criminals of Gotham, but also the fans in the theater.

DC’s “The Batman” portrays Batman (Robert Pattinson) as a deeply conflicted nontraditional superhero. (courtesy of WARNER BROS)

Kravitz’s performance as the bold and mystifying cat burglar, Catwoman, is beautiful. It’s clear that she dove deeply into Selina Kyle’s mentality from before she became Catwoman. The relationship between Batman and Catwoman is one of the main highlights of the film. Their chemistry, helped by the fluidity of the script, is intriguing to watch. Every electric scene of them together gives viewers goosebumps.

Dano masters the Riddler’s evil personality and behavior, differing from the performance of the character in the campy Batman movies of the 1990s. His murderous sense of justice paints a horrifc scene of Gotham’s downward spiral. 

As soon as Nirvana’s “Something In The Way” starts playing, it sets the tone for the rest of the movie because of its unsettling lyrics and slow rhythm. It appears that Reeves took a lot of inspiration from the late Kurt Cobain in the way he had Pattinson portray Batman.

When the Batmobile first appears on screen, hearing its roar felt like it literally came to life, and the dangerous and exhilarating car chase was one of the movie’s best scenes.

Overall, “The Batman” manages to meet and exceed the extremely high expectations placed upon it.



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