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CUSD Board sets date for decision on late start

Published May 12, 2022


Due to Carmel Unified School District’s Board of Education decision to remain exempt as a rural district from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s late start bill, CUSD superintendent Ted Knight has recently recommended making a final decision on the district’s late start in December 2022, keeping in mind the predicted timeline of the amended Environmental Impact Report for the postponed stadium light project. 

This guidance comes after postponing a later school day start time from fall 2021 due to pandemic concerns, and then a second setback in fall 2022 due to concerns about preparation. 

“I’ll reiterate my continued recommendation that we take the next year to inform our community on the positive aspects of more sleep, study the tradeoffs and then engage in dialogue with our community and implement start times at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year,” Knight said at a CUSD board work session April 6.

With an emphasis on full engagement within the district, Knight also announced his plan to reach out to families in the outlying communities of Cachagua and Big Sur, a conversation that he hopes will give the board a better understanding of different families’ situations and the direct impacts a switch to late start would have on all members of CUSD

The superintendent has often used conversations like these to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in impactful district decisions.

“I’m trying to be consistent with making sure we’re engaging our community, making sure we clearly understand the impact of our decision, mitigating concerns the best we can and then moving forward,” Knight explains. 

The superintendent recognizes that this project has not happened at the desirable speed for many, but as with the current stadium lights project, he says he is dedicated to tackling projects “the right way, and not the fast way.”


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