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CHS teacher spreading encouragement and confidence to students through empowering words and welcoming smiles

Published Dec. 7, 2023


Although Kortney Aronson tried to forge her own path in the world of marketing, she couldn’t resist her true calling of working with kids. She is from a long line of teachers. You can tell she is a natural. Sociable and busy are two of the many qualities presented by her on and off the Carmel High School campus. 

In an effort to be the best teacher and mom she can be, Aronson is always lending a helping hand and willing to put others before herself.

As a learning support teacher, Aronson has helped numerous kids with academic disabilities. Not only demonstrating patience and a supportive attitude towards students, Aronson has also presented empathy for those she has taught. 

“I love how accepting she is,” vocalizes Savanna Harris, a student in her second period class.

The teacher has never failed to make someone feel welcome and has made her shared classroom and space for all kids to go during break and lunch. As far as how her classes run from day to day, she starts each period by connecting with students, checking attendance and keeping kids on task by making plans to complete certain assignments throughout the day. By the end of each class she wishes everyone a great day and leaves them with a reminder to keep working hard. 

Many of Aronson’s students have the opportunity of having her for all four years while at CHS. That duration really shows the impact a teacher can have on students and can ultimately set them up for any future achievements. 

She doesn’t just teach teens how to be respectful students but how to be friendly and selfless peers out in the real world, another role the teacher values. Taking steps in order to prepare for life after high school is important to her, and preparing her highschoolers for it can be very rewarding.

“In the beginning of the year, I used to get all my assignments in late,” says senior Syndey Slocum, another student of Aronson’s. “And now she’s always on top of me about getting them turned in on time, which has definitely made me a

better student from then to now.”

Coming back from maternity leave, Aronson started the 2023-2024 school year strong. Feeling more organized than ever, Aronson looks forward to being back as well as having more opportunities to be involved. Adjusting to five student support classes and two prep periods, she feels confident and ready to get back in the swing of things.

Carmel High teacher Kortney Aronson creates a welcoming environment in her classroom. (photo by LILY MARCIANO)

While reminiscing about the summer, she misses her babies. 

“I miss being able to see them and be with them during the days, but at the same time it’s also nice to have a little break,” the young teacher says. “Do something different, use my brain in a different way.”

The mom has two children, Ezra, 3 years old, and Leo, 8 months, whose personalities depict characteristics of Aronson herself and really demonstrate their significance to not just her summer but her life. 

Taking in every ounce of their time together, she loves the core memories her family has made, whether it be to visit family, going on mini vacations or simply being a homebody. During summer they spent time with Aronson’s sister in the Bay Area and traveled down the coast stopping in Pismo Beach to see her dad and stepmom. In addition, they also worked on home improvements by remodeling their bathroom. She talks about how keeping busy made the slightly challenging transition back on campus easier.

One of Aronson’s goals consists of staying organized.  The teacher feels on track when she is  prepared for school. Finding a fulfilling career has really made her look forward to starting a work week and has caused her to love her job.

 “I show up to work,” the CHS teacher shares. “I never get the Sunday scaries.”

Waking up in the morning and not having to dread her position as an employee is something that she will never take for granted. 

Originally studying marketing in college, Aronson started to explore different employment paths. After working in marketing for five years, she started as an aid at a high school to feel it out and ended up satisfied. This experience encouraged her to get a teaching credential and start working at an elementary school. Fast forward five years when she would then go on to apply at Carmel High School after making a move with her husband to be closer to family.

 “We wanted to be in an area where there was less congestion, less busyness, and kinda slowed down a little bit in a smaller town,” communicates Aronson. 

The teacher, wife, mom and colleague wouldn’t change anything about how her summer was spent, besides maybe sneaking in a trip to Los Angeles. She enjoys road trips and takes her time getting from point A to point B. Even though the couple doesn’t feel as if they are in a travel  stage of life right now, they are excited for what the future holds. 

“Even when things don’t go the way you’re expecting, it all kinda works out for a reason,” she voices. 

Aronson describes motorhome trips she took as a kid traveling around the U.S. and the impact they made on her. The memories she has are some she is looking forward to incorporating in her kids’ lives in hopes that they will hold on to them until their adulthood and pass them on from generation to generation. And who knows, one of her boys may follow her footsteps and become a teacher.

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