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Chic ice cream shop speaks volumes to modernism, freshness

Downtown Monterey just got a little more interesting with the recent opening of a trendy ice cream parlor on Alvarado Street called Revival Ice & Cream, featuring a varied list of flavors and accented ingredients.

The shop offers many different choices in flavor, depending upon the day and ranging from light and delicate to rich and heavy. Currently being served are flavors as unique as Kelp & Caramel, Pumpkin Butter and Sourdough. Past flavors have included Jasmine, Grape & Ginger and Rose Geranium, among others.

The mission of Revival is to feature delicious flavor combinations while utilizing ingredients which are fresh, seasonal and locally grown. The ice cream is pasteurized and churned inside of the shop and toppings are always locally sourced. As is evident in the flavors, ingredients are comprised mostly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and herbs, put together in thoughtful ratios. The parlor boasts that charismatic Monterey charm, encompassing a warm atmosphere, highlighted by very modern accents.

Lighting pendants hung from the ceiling create a certain ambience, while the bright color scheme of the wall paint and a vibrant mural add a certain liveliness to the interior as well. One wall is decorated aesthetically with flowers and herbs, along with painted words, to accentuate the process by which Revival operates and serves to create a natural, but tasty dessert.

A bench running alongside the shop’s front window provides the only indoor seating, while a sizeable outdoor patio offers seating for those wishing to dine-in.

Upon my first visit, I decided to play it on the safe side by sampling Sea Salt Caramel, which turned out to be a little too salty for my liking. Therefore, I ended up ordering the mini-sized Mint & Eucalyptus ($2.75), which proved to be delightfully refreshing, with just the right degree of earthiness in its taste.

My second trip to Revival prompted me to purchase a single-sized Heart of Darkness ($4), a rich blend of chocolate, milk and sugar.

Both times, I was impressed by the quality of customer service which Revival embodies. The employees are eager to offer free samples, being quite generous with the portion size. Each scoop is served with a smile and cheerfulness that makes for a pleasant experience and a desire to come back.

Revival offers a reasonable range in sizes, with the largest available size a pint priced at $11. Other menu items include sundaes, shakes and cones. Overall, the small shop offers a creative design comfortable for sitting, relaxing and enjoying a high quality scoop of ice cream.

-Melissa Pavloff

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