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CCGS softball awards scholarships to CHS seniors


In memory of Becca and Brett Ledbetter, beloved members of the local softball community who passed away in 2018 and 2019, Carmel Community Girls Softball has announced its recipients for the inaugural CCGS Ledbetter Scholarship, sharing the honor with four graduating seniors who came up through the youth program.  

Awarded $400 each are four varsity players who have been a part of Carmel’s softball community for years: Quinci Cox, who plans to attend University of Hawaii at Manoa; Jaclyn Hyles, who will be attending Cal Poly; Kendra Hyles, who will be going to University of California at Santa Barbara; and Mira Meckel, who also plans to attend Cal Poly. 

“Just as Becca and Brett had made impacts on people’s lives,” CCGS president Aimee Dahle says, “we want to hear from former players how CCGS was able to impact their lives and the lessons they learned from softball that have carried them in life.”

One reason these girls have fallen in love with softball is the friendships created among teammates. 

“Come springtime softball was always there for me to spend those couple golden hours developing alongside my teammates both as an individual player, but more importantly forming relationships with girls who I will cherish as friends and sisters for the rest of my life,” Meckel says.

The recipients have also been able to take away many life lessons while out on the field building friendships and their skill level.

“I truly believe that because of softball, I know how to deal with failure,” Kendra Hyles adds. “Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the feeling of a strike out, but I don’t walk back into the dugout with my head down.”

Even with the cancelation of the spring recreational season due to COVID-19, CCGS hopes to shine a little bit of light on these girls’ senior year–a year in which their own Carmel High season was cut short after just five games–and reward them for their dedication to the game. 

“My hope is that we can offer players that receive this scholarship a little something to help them as they start college,” Dahle explains, “and as they write their essays, a little reminder as to why they love the game.”

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