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Casting votes, casting lots

Eleven states cast their votes to choose the nominee for each political party for the general election in November. On Tuesday, March 1, also known as Super Tuesday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton secured a lead in the delegate count for their respective parties, though Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz remain potential threats.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump had a super Super Tuesday. He won 7 of 11 contests, picking up the lion’s share of the delegates. Cruz, Rubio and John Kasich each received enough delegates to remain in the race but they will continue to divide the anti-Trump vote. Ben Carson ended his campaign due to poor results.

On the Democratic side, Clinton dominated, winning 7 of 11 state contests, and a majority of the delegates. Sanders won in Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont. Wherever white Democrats predominated, Sanders was competitive, but states with large minority voting blocks went convincingly for Clinton. Clinton has been winning delegates at a pace that should easily carry her to win the nomination.

Four more states voted over the weekend following Super Tuesday. Cruz split the four states with Trump, while Sanders beat Clinton in three out of four. Because of this, the race tightened in both parties.

-Connor Suess

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