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Can one ever be too old for trick-or-treating?

Whether you are 7 or 17, trick-or-treating is always fun. Many adults say that once a person reaches their teens, they should stay home and just pass out candy. I think that if you feel like it, you should be able to trick-or-treat.

For example, when people go to Mission Fields for trick-or-treating, there are people of all ages. Of course you see the kids, but you also will see the teens dressed up. One of my friends who was a sophomore last year went all out and wore a ghillie suit. He and his friends had a great time.

If you participate in Halloween, and make a conscious effort to dress up in a costume and celebrate, then age should not be a controlling factor. Many households get a lot of teenagers as well as kids. The residents of the houses are more than happy to give the teenagers and kids treats as long as they make an effort.

Some older people do not feel comfortable trick-or-treating at their age. What they do is they either bring a kid with them or they bring their pets.

In my opinion, a person is never too old to trick-or-treat. If they are in the spirit and dressed up, they should not be told that they cannot go because of their age; that’s ageism. Just because a person is 17 does not mean that they have to stay home and pass out candy.

Last year, my friends and I went out all dressed up as different things. One was a penguin, another was Bill Clinton. My best friend was a belly dancer. All of us had no problem going door to door saying “trick or treat” to strangers and collecting candy.

Every year I dress up with my friends and go out trick-or-treating. We all have a good time together collecting candy and walking around. It is something that most of us have been doing since we were kids and something that we will continue doing together.

At stores, they have adult, teenager, and kid sizes for costumes. I know that the companies who made the costumes want to make money. Why would they make costumes big enough to fit teenagers if they didn’t think that they would make money off of it?

Trick-or-treating is not based on age. Overall, it depends on how into Halloween and trick-or-treating you are.
-Kim Burns


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