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Campus club presents Filmmaking Bootcamp this June

Published June 1, 2022


Using the equipment and facilities from CHS’ video production class, CHS video production teacher Brian Granbery and counselors from the Film and Video Club will break down the stages of filmmaking, providing lessons on pre-production, production and post-production, as well as the process of broadcasting shows and how to use filmmaking equipment, for middle school students this summer.

The club is scheduled to present their Filmmaking Bootcamp this June 13-17, where they will teach local middle school students the fundamentals of cinematography. Students will also participate in exercises for each stage of production, such as storytelling, storyboarding, filming and editing. 

“It should be a lot of fun not only for the kids, but for us as well, as we can teach about filmmaking and encourage them to pursue it,” boot camp counselor junior Jerry Marnell says.

When counselors are not teaching the fundamentals of cinematography, campers will participate in recreational activities, including team-building exercises and scavenger hunts for different shot types.

“Making it fun is number one,” Granbery explains. “We’re not going to drill them with the fundamentals of cinematography here, and it’s not going to be super rigorous.”

Most boot camp counselors are enrolled in CHS’ Video Production class, responsible for producing and broadcasting video bulletins and Friday shows. (courtesy of BRIAN GRANBERY)

In the afternoons, groups of four to five campers will assemble to produce short films, with assistance from counselors. These short films will be displayed at the end of the five-day program in a small-scale film festival for parents’ and peers’ viewing inside the CHS theater.

Though the camp is open to neighboring schools, the film club is centering their attention on Carmel Middle School students to fill the program’s 20 available slots. By connecting with middle school students, CHS students hope to build the foundation for a strong video production program in years to come.

“If we get kids started in middle school, and they come into the high school already knowing how to tell stories, how to shoot and how to edit, then we can move a lot faster and the quality of our overall program will go up,” Granbery says.

All proceeds from the boot camp are going to the Film Club for funding equipment and events, including the Student Television Network 2023 National Convention, which costs about $650 for each student attending.

“That’s a lot of money for students, and I don’t want it to be exclusive to certain kids who can’t afford it,” Granbery says. “When we do these fundraising things, it really brings us together, it shows a sense of commitment to what we’re doing, it levels the playing field with regards to costs for everybody, and it provides a lot of teamwork.”

The Filmmaking Bootcamp costs $450, and camp hours will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. throughout the five-day period. For any questions regarding the program, instructor Brian Granbery can be contacted at bgranbery@carmelunified.org.


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