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‘Atlanta’ returns for third season filled will fresh storylines and perspectives

Published June 1, 2022


Multimedia artist Donald Glover’s show “Atlanta” fills its third season with satirical scenarios that provide new perspectives on hot topic issues in society today. 

Season 3 sees up-and-coming rapper Alfred Miles, a.k.a PaperBoi (Brain Tyree Henry), return to the screen alongside Darius (Lakeith Stanfield), who reprises his role as Alfred’s mysterious and introspective friend, while Earn (Donald Glover) works as PaperBoi’s manager, following his struggles to balance his career and still have enough money to provide for the mother of his child Van (Vanessa Keefer) and his 1-year-old daughter. 

The season picks up right where the second season leaves off, watching the trio depart the hot and muggy streets of Atlanta in the midst of PaperBoi’s tour through Europe. This change of setting opens the door for new possibilities for Glover and other “Atlanta” writers. 

For the viewer, the first two seasons are spent building the characters and how they interact in the surreal world that is the show “Atlanta,” whereas the third season takes the original character building and expands on each character in greater depth. Most episodes in this newest season are spent with a single character, which allows the viewer to get a better grasp on who each is, as each individual’s values are tested by the satirical situations that they’re put in.

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Unlike prior seasons, Season 3 does not just focus on Glover’s, Henry’s and Stanfield’s characters, but instead branches out into alternative stories in a series of anthology episodes, with four out of the ten episodes dedicated to different casts of characters. As yet, none of the four released episodes seems to tell a coherent, continuous story, but all share themes of taking a look at relationships between Black and white people, with topics ranging from reparations to the differences in Black and white family dynamics. 

Glover’s skillful production in these spinoff episodes is what gets the viewer to care about characters and storylines that only appear for a single 20-minute episode as he finds the perfect balance between witty satire and dramatic tones in the writing. 

“Atlanta” has taken a strange turn in its latest season. It started out as a show about a rapper and his cousin struggling to make it in the music industry, but over time it became much more than that, making it clear how much potential this show can have. Season 3 witnesses the return of the same wit and intelligence that the show left off with, as Glover and the rest of the cast are making a hit, and it is clear that this momentum is not slowing down any time soon. 


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