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Assistant athletic trainer focuses on students injuries at Carmel High School

Published Dec. 14, 2023


Brianna Balaam, working alongside Matt Borek in sports medicine, is Carmel High School’s new assistant athletic trainer, and she helps students tend to injuries and learn about the human body.

Balaam assists students by scheduling where they are going to go for sports, helping them care for injuries and being able to identify the type of injury. 

“I really am enjoying working at the high school,” says Balaam. “It is great because I do get to learn a lot, and I have always thought about working with students.”

New assistant athletic trainer Brianna Balaam. (photo by BRIANNA BALAAM)

Balaam studied sports massage at The Monterey Institute of Touch for nine years before starting her work at CHS. She is happy to have built relationships with the students at CHS and hopes to keep working at the school for as long as she can. Balaam is there to give each student more time and attention. 

“Borek wears a lot of hats and has so much to do, so it allows that opportunity for each student to have a little more time spent on them,” says Balaam. 

Senior Julia Stenvick says that Balaam is starting to find her place here at CHS and that the trainer has taught her how to properly massage athletes.  

“Whenever I walk in after a game, she’s always the first person to ask what’s wrong and how she can help,” says sophomore Adi Clark. 

Borek, the certified athletic trainer and sports medicine courses teacher, says that it is overwhelming for one person to take time to tend to every student.

“There’s a lot of work in the training room,” says Borek. “There’s a lot of athletes that come through every day so it’s too much for just one person.” 

Balaam works Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and depending on what sports are currently playing, she will work games on Saturdays. 

“Every student finds her helpful,” says junior Bella Rocha. “And everyone is really happy that she came into the program and is now a part of our team.”

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