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ASB’s Halloween rally intended to bring a distanced school together


Gone are the days of the Hype Squad, the peppy music filling the Carmel High gym and the rows of folding chairs designated for the athletes about to be celebrated. But even in the most unprecedented of times, the CHS Leadership class has put together a digital rally that will be released Friday to pump up Padres from all over Carmel. 

The most distanced of times calls for the most distanced of measures. A majority of the outreach by Leadership has been through Instagram platforms, with programs and activities such as Kindness Rocks and school spirit dress-up days. To continue on this path and unite the student body, a modified rally will take place to showcase athletics, clubs and a segment from the Dance III and IV classes.

“To be honest, we are just hoping to provide a semblance of normalcy and working to promote and highlight what is happening,” says Aubrey Powers, who teaches Leadership at CHS and feels optimistic about the prospect of integrating regular parts of school spirit into the online format.

A great deal of work has gone in to make the rally as engaging as possible because of the efforts from Powers and students involved. Taking note of the recent emergence of several clubs and the developing plan for athletic conditioning, co-rally commissioner Carver Tunnell was quick to jump on the idea of such an event.

Spooky season is about to be greeted by an exciting rally.

“The way we put it together is we brainstormed the things we needed to deliver and the things we wanted to use to get the student body excited for the school year,” says Tunnell, who has been extensively collaborating with co-commissioner twin sister Lyric to make this happen. 

While it is not their first foray into virtual performance this year, dance classes will be contributing a set to a mashup of festive standards “The Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters” and “Calling All the Monsters.” 

“It’s obviously not an ideal situation, but [dance instructor Kristine] Tarozzi, the other dancers and myself are making sure that the dancers perform like they do at every rally,” says junior Ashley Gose, who choreographed the number.

Everyone involved agrees that the most essential part of it is sticking together as a community. Providing the energy they created in person through a screen has been a challenge to Leadership students, but their hard work and dedication will be on display for the student body soon.

“I think the normal amount of school spirit is something we took for granted,” Carver Tunnell says. “The importance of a rally in my eyes is to entertain and excite…and provide a little distraction from all that is happening in the world right now.”

The Halloween rally will be available for viewing Friday on padretv.org.


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