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ASB student board representative position created

Published May 8, 2024


A student board representative, who will act as a spokesperson for the Carmel High School student population at district board meetings, is the newest role for CHS’ Associated Student Body program and will be filled by current junior Cullen Pritchard.

Junior Cullen Pritchard, the first student board representative, is excited to start connecting the students and the district board starting in August. (photo by NICOLE MIRSKI)

“I am hoping that this role provides an opportunity for our leadership team to be more involved in the community,” says Pritchard. “I am looking forward to serving and representing the schools in our district at the meetings.”

The student in this role, which previously belonged to the ASB president, will be responsible for attending a majority of the board meetings starting the next school year in August, even having a symbolic vote alongside the board’s own votes.

“It’s been a conversation for a number of years,” says Aubrey Powers, the ASB activities director. “Especially since COVID, the position and the role’s expectation has expanded beyond where it was prior to the pandemic. It’s important that there is a student representative to the school board that can remind them how different things in the community and the board are affecting the students.”

With goals to improve communication between staff and students, the hope for next year is to build on existing relationships.

Pritchard says, “My most important goal for this upcoming school year is building a better pattern of communication between students and members on the board.”


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  • Good luck! Remember to voice your opinions to make your voice heard.

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