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Artists create an array of colorful work for show

Amazingly accurate portraits, abstract art work and beautifully crafted sculptures will all be showcased at the 21st annual CHS Art Show, taking place Wednesday in the foyer of the theater.

“There is going to be so much to take in,” art teacher Maggie Bevier says. “I guarantee there will be at least one piece that you will connect with. You will not be bored.”

Mason Williams, a senior who has taken art for three years, is most excited about showcasing his pop-surrealism piece.

“I can’t wait to share my work with all the students at CHS,” Williams says. “I’m excited because not many people are familiar with pop-surrealism, so I will be exposing many people to an art they are not familiar with.”

A variety of other genres will also be on exhibit, including watercolor, realistic and abstract portraits and an array of sketches.

Senior artist Kaylee Vandenberg will be displaying her portrait of Jimi Hendrix playing the white guitar while performing at Woodstock.

Freshman Oceanna Hain is excited to share her charcoal portrait of the British model Twiggy.

“I can’t wait to see all the finished pieces at once,” Hain says.

In addition to the art classes, a variety of Visual and Performing Arts courses, including Photography and Graphic Design, will also have their work displayed in the show.

“It’s an awesome feeling when I can present my work to a complete stranger and immediately have them connect with what I’ve done,” senior photographer Sydney Creel says.

The show will display at least one piece of art from each student. After carefully selecting which piece best represents the student’s artistic skill set, Bevier and the other VAPA teachers matte and frame each work.

“We want our students to experience their artwork presented professionally,” Bevier says.

Bevier goes on to explain that no work will be available for purchase this year. The VAPA department wants students to be able to take home their creations and share them with family and friends. Furthermore, she says, removing the monetary aspect will allow students and visitors alike to focus more on the artwork, rather than the price tag.

The show takes place during the CHS Open House, schedule to increase attendance numbers to the parent event.

If for some reason you cannot attend, you can visit the VAPA Moodle pages to view the work of CHS students.




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