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Amphitheater remains big hit with students and faculty

We have all had that day when the weather is just perfect and we can’t help but admire the scene. Carmel High School’s amphitheater is yet another place for students to relax and appreciate the beautiful environment.

The amphitheater, one of Carmel High School’s most recent campus additions, has grown to become a major student attraction and provided another tool for student learning.

Built in 2013, the amphitheater was an idea put forth to help utilize the empty space next to the gym and has become a hotspot for students during lunch. The turf-topped sandstone stands that surround the grass are often filled with students during lunch as they enjoy the environment.

Amphitheater PIC

“The amphitheater is a great place to hang out for events,” senior Trevor Arbab says. “Based on how many people come out here, I think the student body really enjoys it.”

One prominent use for the amphitheater, as many students have observed, is the group of students that can be found playing Frisbee at lunch or break. Casual strollers who pass by the amphitheater will almost certainly see the bright Frisbees flying around the grass and might catch science teacher Kevin Buran joining in.

“It is a huge outdoor space that allows us to appreciate the town we live in,” says junior Alessandro Boaro, one of the Frisbee players. “It was a bold statement and added to the diversity and uniqueness of Carmel High School.”

Besides the entertainment aspect, the amphitheater also holds educational value as science teacher Jason Maas-Baldwin demonstrates with his at minimum weekly use of the amphitheater.

“Changing scenery with your students helps them to refocus from the monotony of their surroundings,” says Maas-Baldwin, who often uses the amphitheater for class discussions and activities.

Maas-Baldwin does express some remorse over the construction as one of the few oak trees on campus was cut down, but he ultimately expresses his appreciation for the amphitheater: “I’m really glad that it happened.”

Senior Ari Freedman also shares the views held by much of the student body.

“It’s a really great resource for education and the entertainment of students,” he affirms, “and before [it] was an ugly dirt parking lot that didn’t have much appeal.”

It seems that the amphitheater has been a big hit since it was built, and both students and faculty alike are able to appreciate the opportunity.

-Evan Patel


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