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‘Credits!’: CHS grad’s new web series coming soon

Comedy shows and movies are always entertaining to watch, but to get the chance to film them must be even more interesting and exciting than it is to watch them.

Alex Burns, a Carmel High alumnus from the Class of 2013, is currently attending University of Southern California as a rising junior where she is currently majoring in writing for screen and television.

At USC, Burns is creating her very first, web-based mini-series called ‘Credits!’ with her friend Alexandra Kyllingstad. They started working on this idea about five months ago and got the idea by looking around and seeing people from a different point of view. Kyllingstad and Burns are co-creators and executive producers.

“There are going to be seven 20-minute episodes, and it is supposed to be a comedy show,” Burns says. “The show will last half an hour but only because there will be ads like if you were to watch a normal 30-minute television show.”

Alex Burns

The mini-series is about six college students who do not fit in at all. It talks about their struggles and accomplishments and what they are going through. They form a weird friendship when they realize that they are the only ones that do not belong or fit in with everyone else. The cool part about this mini-series is that it is filmed from the six students’ perspectives.

Burns and Kyllingstad are using a Kickstarter campaign to raise their money. Their project can only happen if they raise a minimum of $10,000. They need the money to help pay for the equipment rentals, the design and the location. They also need to hire a crew and pay them. The filming is taking place in Los Angeles.

Alex and Alexandra’s goal is to raise $10,000, but right now they only have about $8,900 and need to raise about $1,100 more before May 22. After May 22, the Kickstarter campaign is done. The fundraising campaign will end and if they made enough money, then they will be able to film. Otherwise, they will have to think of some other way to raise the money.

If you would like to help and donate, search for Alex Burns at Kickstarter.com.
-Kim Burns


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