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‘Adventure Awaits’ on Oct. 26 at annual Homecoming dance


By the time Oct. 26 rolls around, the CHS Leadership class will have spent months preparing for a picture-perfect Homecoming. Decor will line the walls of the gym all in conjunction with this year’s “Adventure Awaits” theme, and school spirit will flood the hallways as students are encouraged to embrace the tradition.

Homecoming week at CHS is different as it is a battle of the grades. Each grade level earns points through their participation and enthusiasm as well as the quality of their floats. Dress-up days, lunch-time activities, float building and rally activities, as well as the parade, football game and dance attendance are all ways for classes to earn points.

“It is an opportunity to unite with your class,” says Leadership teacher and Homecoming coordinator Aubrey Powers. “You get to see the talent and personalities of students who you have might’ve not been able to connect with in the past. By working on a common project, like float building, you’re able to do that connecting.”

Each class hosts individual “class meetings” where they discuss their float plan based on their individual class theme. This year, the freshman theme is Minecraft, the sophomore theme is Disney’s “Moana,” the junior theme is Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and the senior theme is Pixar’s “Up.” After that, they get two days before the dance to build their float on top of a trailer. All that hard work is then shown off in the annual parade in downtown Carmel that Friday.

The following day, Homecoming returns at 2 p.m. to its classic and rightful place: the Carmel High football field. At halftime, the Homecoming royalty and its court are introduced and the day is followed by a semi-formal evening.

“There really is a nostalgic feeling around Homecoming week,” says junior Olivia Randazzo, a student leader on the Homecoming planning committee. “Sometimes it can feel a little cheesy, but the more you put yourself out there and get involved, the more fun it becomes and the more memories you will make.”

Photo courtesy of YEARBOOK STAFF
Alumni Chase McCrystal and Dana Donaldson are announced Homecoming king and queen as they walk in front of fans during halftime at the 2018 Homecoming football game.

The Homecoming committee and Leadership wants there to be a way for everyone to feel involved in at least one part of the week.

“Leadership has been putting in an extraneous amount of hours trying to make this an opportunity for everyone to have fun,” says senior Drew Aber, a member of the Homecoming committee. “Try to participate as best you can.”

As Homecoming week gets closer and closer, the buzz around it increases. Freshman talk increases about rumors they’ve heard of the annual event, and upperclassmen begin to reflect.

“Last year, as a freshman, I was so excited for the dance and for the week in general,” sophomore Addie Crabbe says. “You hear about certain things, of course, but you don’t know how it feels until you are there. It is really one of the best parts of high school.”

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