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English teacher Shelley Grahl wants to spend her first year at Carmel High School trying to convey her love for literature to the young adults entering her classroom every day. Not only does she want students to learn, but she says she wants them to find a part of English that they enjoy.

“I began my career at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills and taught there for about four years.”

Grahl explains how she went back to school to get her master’s degree, met her husband and eventually moved to the Carmel Unified School District. She currently teaches three separate classes: English I, English Honors II and English Language Development.

“From the very beginning, I’d say the biggest difference here is an overall positive attitude and a lot of students and teachers who are glad to be at CHS,” Grahl says. “It’s been a really great change.”

Coming from a variety of school atmospheres, the English teacher says her move to CUSD was a good change.

“I’m most excited to just work with students,” Grahl says. “I want to help students find their potential and hopeful love somewhere in the English Language Arts, whether it’s in writing or in reading.”

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