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Carmel High nurse Amy Hurst has a vision of an inviting clinic where anybody can feel welcome to go, regardless of the severity of illness. Hurst is ready to help CHS.

“I’m passionate about providing care and support to students that considers their whole being, unique and individual to each person,” the nurse says. “I follow the concept that we as humans have so many layers and pieces that make us who we are, and sometimes that can change from day to day. We are not just an illness or a disorder and shouldn’t be defined as such.”

Hurst decided to be a school nurse because she wanted to take care of people and educate.

“I look at myself and see what I want to give to people and what I want to do,” she says. “I really want to take care of people and make them feel comfortable and help them be the best that they can be, whether that’s related to health or emotion.”

Carmel High counselor Alison Francis says, “Hurst is amazing and ready to jump in and get to know students and faculty. We are just really excited she’s here because she brings a new energy to our office.”

The new school nurse studied at Indiana University for about four and a half years and worked as a school nurse in Indiana for an additional six. She moved to Carmel a week before the school’s start and is still getting used to the way CHS works. She moved here because she loves the area and thought the school district was attractive and everyone very friendly.

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