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TikTok’s most dynamic duo shines in new lifestyle podcast ‘Mama Knows Best’


Mother-daughter duo Sheri Nicole and Addison Rae Easterling break the norm of viral TikToks and instead talk about lifestyle-related topics like relationships, living with parents and social media in the new Spotify podcast “Mama Knows Best.” The podcast not only presents relatable topics in unscripted discussions, but also steers clear of any controversial and political topics, all in 30 minutes or less (including commercials, of course).

The approach to each episode is completely dependent on the episode’s content and theme. While episodes like “How I Deal With Rejection” and “Living With Your Parents” are approached in a lighter outlook, “Dating Then And Now” and “Social Media: Staying True To Yourself” are more in-depth.

What is common about all episodes, however, is that each segment sounds as if it is a person-to-person conversation rather than scripted and rehearsed. The raw conversation attracts the attention of listeners without drawing too much attention away from the main topic.

Some details that stand out about the hosts from the two episodes are the fact that Addison was a competitive dancer all throughout childhood and that Sheri was a strict parent to her daughter and two sons. Both episodes also tell never-before-heard details about the hosts’ lives, especially before fame. 

While the duo does not mention every single detail of their lives, they mention enough details to paint a picture in the listener’s mind about life before fame. The conversations and segments are a bit out of sequence, but the theme of each episode remains consistent throughout its runtime and gives a good vibe with its 1980s synthesizer transitions and positive tone. 

Not all episodes are smooth streaming. “Living With Your Parents” drifts off to talking about random topics like what’s on Addison’s phone and how generic the name Kyle sounds. Both hosts eventually get back to the main theme of the episode, but it isn’t a smooth transition and instead choppy and curt. 

The only episode that stays on topic for a majority of its duration is “Hello Hollywood: My First Time in LA,” which is not only elaborative of Addison’s time in LA, but doesn’t go off-topic like other episodes. What is unique about this particular episode is that it gives helpful travel tips and insight on how to enjoy the city to any interested listeners.

“Mama Knows Best” also has many unskippable commercials, which breaks the happy-go-lucky niche found in the podcast. It’s surprising that Addison does not use the podcast to promote her newly released cosmetic line, Item Beauty. Even with her $5 million net worth, it would be a smart idea to use this podcast to advertise her new business. 

There is some profanity in “Life Before You Knew Me” when Addison explains her family’s move to Baton Rouge while she studied journalism at Louisiana State University. What’s noticeable toward later episodes is that all profanity is censored with the recognizable bleep found on most reality shows. 

The flaws in the podcast are predictable, especially since the podcast is not even two months old. Although there is some room for improvement, Addison and Sheri have been able to capture an audience in a riveting manner from talking about lifestyle-related topics.  

“Mama Knows Best” can be streamed on Spotify, and new episodes are released every Monday.



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